Loft stilts can help increase levels of loft insulation

One of the major reasons why people don’t insulate their lofts to the recommended 300mm depth is because they have used the space for storage.

This means that very often the loft has around 100mm of insulation and then boards on top of that which are piled high with old clothes, items waiting to be re- discovered for the Antiques Roadshow, etc. This level of insulation is not ideal and should preferably be increased to the 300mm. Loft insulation companies, however, are not in the business of moving things around for people, so if they find a full-ish attic they will not insulate it.

An easy DIY solution is therefore required. Thankfully there is an easy way to lift the storage level to give you the insulation level that you and your house deserve, whilst also maintaining a solid storage platform. Loft stilts are available from most large DIY stores. There are a few UK made manufacturers:

So get ready for winter by ordering in some insulation (preferably some natural ones like hemp, sheep’s wool or some recycled ones like Warmcel (paper), Non-Itch (plastic bottles) or Innotherm (cotton)), some loft stilts and some screws!

Remember if you do want some natural / recycled insulation, give us a call as we have access to some great trade deals. 029 20373094.