PAS2035 Retrofit Co-ordinator

Peter Draper is one of the first qualified PAS2035 Retrofit Co-ordinators in the UK. With the PAS2035 process a new one to the UK it will take a while for the system to settle into place. Peter is a ‘Founder Member’ of the Retrofit Academy’s Centre of Excellence the author of the STBA’s Whole House Survey Tool and one of the original co-authors of the Level 3 ‘Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings’ course. He is therefore very experienced in this field and has been hand-picked to be one of the first Retrofit co-ordinators in the UK to undertake the Retrofit Academy’s Principles into Practice courses.

The costs associated with the new Retrofit Co-ordinator role are yet to be decided, however RDE will be keen to be involved at an early stage to help you ensure compliance and quality within any retrofit works.