PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessment

PAS2035 is the new British Standard for Retrofit in the UK. It comes into force for any ECO funded works from July 2021. So this will effect RSL’s and Housing Associations in the main, however there might also be a requirement to undertake the process if receiving any Government grants / loans. PAS2035 came out of the Each Home Counts report and marks a radically and much needed step forward in terms of the quality of assessment, design and management of energy efficiency interventions in dwellings.

The initial first step is to undertake an assessment of the property and this has a new profession associated with it, the Retrofit Assessor (RA).

RDE are currently undertaking training to offer Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) and RA services however, we are concerned that this is not sufficiently robust process at present and so we offer an enhanced service that will, in time, be a much superior than required RA service. Therefore at present our service do not provide an EPC as an output, although this can be arranged if required. It does, though, look in much more detail around the practical implications of energy efficiency works to a house. As time and resources grow out of the Retrofit Academy Centre of Excellence (of which we are a Founding Member), so our service will adapt and change to lead the way in standards of Retrofit Assessment.