Damp surveys

Video courtesy of the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings (UKCMB)

Damp is a poorly understood science, especially in older buildings. Conventional ‘wisdom’ is based on water proofing buildings. This stems from the industry being trained in modern building techniques and materials and not in traditional building. The theory of water proofing is an initially attractive one – stop water from getting in and then the structure will be dry. BUT, any life experience will tell you that water has a way of getting into places that you don’t want it. So what then? The water proofing then keeps the water in places that you don’t want it. 

With the experience gained over a decade in the industry and the supporting research and tools from the STBA and BSI, we offer a much more informative and long term set of solutions for buildings. We know how to use damp meters and interpret them properly. Just because there is damp at the base of the wall, does not mean that you have rising damp. Peter Draper, our surveyor, is an active working group member of the UKCMB.

We take into account:

  • Location
  • Orientation
  • Local weather conditions
  • Lifestyle
  • Structure of the building
  • History / pathology of the building
  • Materials used in construction
  • Building faults
  • ……

So if you want, or need, a more holistic damp report that will actually help you to solve the problem rather than: A. just covering them up or; B. making the situation worse, then give us a call on 029 20373094 or email on peter@rounded-developments.org.uk

Cardiff Service £ 120
SE Wales £ 150
Further afield – please call