Home Grown Hemp is back

Hemp insulation is a fine alternative for the more commonly known sheep’s wool insulation, but in the past it has had some issues. The main one being that it was manufactured in France. So the UK grown hemp was being transported across Europe to be processed and returned. Now, however this is changing. Black Mountain Insulation (now owned by IPP) have recovered from their fire and is re-starting a new factory up in Yorkshire. The Norfolk grown hemp is therefore facing a much shorter journey for its processing. This will significantly reduce the carbon associated with Life Cycle Analysis even further (it was already good!)

Hemp is a great alternative to conventional insulation for a number of reasons. It has a high thermal mass (this helps to keep a building cool in the summer, as well as warm in the winter), it is breathable (this allows for moisture to be absorbed and released, thus keeping relative humidity more constant), it is a carbon sink (this ties up embodied carbon into the fabric of the building), it is not prone to moth infestations (this was an old worry about the sheep’s wool), it maintains it integrity well (this means that it does not slump over time, which is a common concern for insulation like glass and mineral wool).

Eco Home Centre will be able to access Hemp Insulation after it becomes available from the end of the month, so give us a call and we would be happy to provide a quote for you.