Sustainable New Build

There are many new and innovative ways of building homes. The choice is of course for the individual, but it may be worth having a look at some of the more interesting options and resources available to self-builders:

Bio-Solar Haus

  • this is a personal favourite as it encompasses the best standards of energy reduction, with natural materials and no / little mechanics to maintain.

Passiv Haus

  • this is a favourite of tech heads as it is far from passive, but the results are impressive and consistent.

Straw Bale 

  • this is an association that supports and promotes straw building in all its forms. A great starting point.

Association of Sustainable Building Products (ASBP)

  • using the right materials in a new build is really important, so talking to the ASBP is really important.

Association for Environmental Conscious Building (AECB)

  • A great bunch of people who are technically and practically savvy.

Good Homes Alliance

  • For stock owners this is a really important club to be a member of.