Would being able to see refurbishments help you?

Eco Home Centre is looking to do some research on the needs behind refurbishment in Wales (and the UK). What we are proposing is a centre where people can come along and see how a range of properties have been refurbished in a sustainable manner (using appropriate low waste, non toxic and energy efficient products). The properties will have cut throughs to show how the work has been done and explanations on the key areas like window reveals.

Ideally we would like to refurbish a number of different types of property so that you will be able to find one that is similar to your own home. A guide would then be available to show you around to give you advice and guidance on the work and to offer a greater level of knowledge for your particular situation.

The ‘show homes’ would also be set up with sensors etc to record the performance of the building so that we can offer real life energy and water saving figures rather than generic ones (that are often over inflated).

So I would like some comments back from you as to whether this type of resource would be useful to you (and obviously it would be) and whether (more importantly) you would visit it (likely to be in South East Wales) and use it to its full potential. Please can you send me comments / suggestions etc so that I can bear these in mind when doing the research. Your comments will be most welcome.