Letter box draughts

It does seem a bit strange that we fit lovely new well insulated doors and then put a draughty hole in them to collect (what is becoming more and more) a source of recycling stuff. Well apart from Christmas time I suppose when we tend to get more actual post than junk.

In foreign climes they have got around this by having a separate post box attached to the wall, thus saving on the post getting chewed by the pet and also from having a cold breeze blowing through the house in the winter. In Wales we are not there yet due to the mostly mild climate that we ‘enjoy’. We are prepared to put up with worn brushes in our letter boxes, or just plain draughty ones that flap around in anything much past a breeze.

So does it need to be this way?

Well the lovely people at Ecoflap have developed a robust addition for your existing letter boxes. The Eco Flap is a simple system that actually blows itself shut, so the stronger the wind the more sealed it becomes! It also has a nifty system that allows for large items to be posted still, thus not incapacitating the functionality at all. So your insulated door can now become an insulated and draught proof door even with a letter box in it.

I gather from Eco Flap that they will also be bringing out a new petflap soon, so all you dog and cat owners can have an insulated and draught proof cat / door flap as well. Can’t wait to try one myself.

Eco Flaps are available from Eco Home Centre in brown, black or white. For how to fit the Ecoflap check out this movie.