What a difference a brush makes

Just a short post today. We are helping a family to refurbish their home in Cardiff
by installing thermal and sound insulation in their 1980’s built house.
We have done this with Sheep’s wool insulation and wood fibre boards.
The effect is amazing and the house now feels so much more solid and

Anyhow, our tame builder has been doing the finishing touches
(i.e redecorating the whole house!) and came to me complaining about the natural paint – he could not get the finish he wanted with the cutting in (edges etc). One look at his brush and I knew the problem. He had his trusty old brush that had done many years of hard service, but it was looking its age. We then supplied him with one of our Ecoezee Angle Sash brushes and sent him back to work.

I then get a text within a few minutes stating ‘I am in love. With a brush!!’ The results have been excellent and he is again a happy builder.

When using natural paints it is good to know that despite them being very similar to use to conventional paints (but without all the nasties) they are thicker and using a brush with a mix of recycled synthetic fibres and natural bristles is the best way of applying with a brush. Rollering should be done with a medium roller (10mm).

Happy painting.