LED bulbs – are they any good yet?

I have just popped some new LED bulbs into the kitchen and bathrooms and am well impressed with the light that they are giving out. The ones that we used were the GU10 (halogen spot replacements) and are rated as 6.5w (although they are 5 x 1w high output LEDs).

The important thing with light is the colour and the lumen output. These bulbs have an output of 450 lumen on the cool white version (6500k). This is actually greater than the 50w halogen that they are designed to replace. Warm White is approx. 3000k)

However these particular ones are slightly larger than a halogen bulb at 70mm long (to accommodate the cooling fins), but they look great on free standing lighting bars and would also fit the majority of recessed fittings.

Excellent colour rendering index (around 90% – so very similar to conventional incandescent bulbs and a lot better than the energy saving CFL bulbs) a 50,000 hour expected lifespan (although it must be remembered that the testing regimes vary and you tend to get very good values at lower temperatures), a 2 year guarantee, available in 45 or 60 degree flood angle and not too bad on the wallet.

This quality of bulb used to be around £30 about a year ago, but these ones are now retailing for around £ 16 inc VAT.

I have been so impressed I think that we shall start to stock these. I can certainly access them on a next day basis if required.