RDE joins STBA

The STBA are a growingly important organisation that has highlighted the need for sustainable refurbishment of older solid walled buildings. The STBA has representation from key organisations like Historic Scotland, CADW, English Heritage, SPAB, UCL, CIAT, … and now, Rounded Developments Enterprises.

It has been an honour to have been approached to join the Steering Group of the STBA. Much of this is due to the advice we have been giving out in this blog. We feel that it is recognition of the great free advice that you get with the Eco Home Centre when looking at the humble Welsh terrace.

For more advice from the STBA and their research teams have a look at http://www.stbauk.org

For a condensed pdf information sheet on Moisture Risk Walls click on this STBA link

For Heat Loss Convention information click this STBA link

Lastly, for their Internal Wall Insulation document click this STBA link