Osmo Sample Sachets

One of the issues with Osmo products up until now has been the issue associated with tester pots.

The brilliant Osmo Polyx Oils, Wood Waxes etc have only been available in the small 125ml tins and these are meant to sell for £9 each. Now this has been a tad steep, especially if you wanted to compare a couple of colours and finishes, however, now there is an answer.

The new 5ml sachet samples. These are ideal for trying Osmo products on a small section of timber. At present they are only available in the internal finish range – Polyx and Wood Wax etc, but soon the exterior range (Wood Oils, Country Colour etc) will be launched.

The new 5ml is a much more realistic £1.20 RRP, but we shall be selling at £1 each.

Polyx Oil range can be found here

Woodwax range can be found here