Lime wash on, it can be hot in the winter!

Welsh Lime Works have finished my house!! Hooray. They have managed to work around the scaffolding and all the problems left by the last lime company to produce a lovely white house.

The final coat to this lime putty render has been the limewash. There are a number of special properties to this covering, firstly it is the same lime as was used in the render mix, i.e. a limestone derived lime. This is important when rendering (as opposed to plastering) as it is a hard wearing material. Some limewashes in the past were chalk based as they expected them to be used internally, but you will need a limestone based limewash.

Secondly, the boys (and girl) put the limewash on as a ‘hot mix’, so basically they used quicklime to make up the limewash just before it was applied and this meant that the limewash went on hot (due to the slaking process). Welsh Lime Works think that this provides a better longer lasting finish due to the reaction that is ongoing when it is applied, so it bonds better with the underlying render. Great to see steaming ‘paint’ being applied to your house, especially in the winter months (mine you it was still above 5 degrees when it was done).

I have been very impressed with the level of skill and knowledge from Welsh Lime Works and their attention to detail. The house was also left nice and clean.