How well connected are you?

you know where your dirty one is? Did you know that you might have a dirty
one and a clean one? Well all homes are connected to waste water systems. In some older communities these systems are combined, but in many, more recently built developments, there are different clean and dirty water systems in place.

These separate drains end up in different places. The surface water drain often goes straight into the nearest water course, whilst the dirty water is sent off for processing before being released back into the wild. So getting your connections right is really important. Unfortunately not many people realise this and it is possible that builders taking short cuts might just plumb in your dirty water into the surface water drain, see below for an example of what we mean.

This means that dirty
water from sinks, washing machines, and even worse, sewage from
toilets, is flowing into rivers and streams as a result of badly
connected plumbing. Many businesses and householders are not aware
that their dirty water is wrongly connected to a surface water drain
rather than a foul sewer. A wrong connection could lead to a penalty
Not want you want in these austere times.

and plumbers can help prevent pollution of rivers and streams by
advising householders to
check their connections on the Connect Right website.
Businesses can also use the diagrams on the website to check their
plumbing connections are correct. So it might be as well to check your connections to ensure that you are in the clear, both for your conscience and also for your pocket.