earthborn paint changes

Just a quick heads up for anyone interested in earthborn paint.

Three big pieces of news:

1. The claypaint and associated eggshell palate will be increasing from the standard 36 colours to 60 colours. Some colours will be disappearing from the colour card, but will still be available if required. This will give you greater choice (which can be seen as a good or a bad thing I suppose!)

2. Earthborn have developed a new ‘Midsheen Emulsion’ to extend their EcoPro range of paints. This is a durable, hard wearing, washable finish that is ideal for high commercial traffic areas (or indeed in hallways / stairwells that tend to take a battering!) This has been used and tested with Lush Cosmetics who use it in all their new stores and refits. This will be a UK made product in a standard, but good, colour range that provides a great alternative to the claypaint.

3. The worse is last. There will be a price increase effective on 1st April, so if you want to get your claypaints, emulsions and eggshells at the old prices please order before the 27th March to ensure that deliveries make it to you before the 1st April.

Thankfully Eco Home Centre has permanent discounts on earthborn prices and we shall continue to offer these discounts, however since the starting prices will go up, we will have to increase our prices a bit to cover our increased costs.

Happy planning your new look at home!