Anti-slip treatment for wood flooring

Recently I had a query from a commercial company who had been having trouble with people putting in claims against them for injuries caused by slipping. So after a bit of research I found that slip resistance has a scale. The majority of domestic floor finishes have a rating of R9. Even many commercial products are a R9. Osmo Polyx Oil and the Osmo Pur fall into this category.

A bit more digging and I discovered that the insurance industry requires a R11 rated floor finish in order to cover injury claims against slippage. So the hunt was on to find a suitable R11 rated floor finish from an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Thankfully we are an Osmo stockist and despite a R11 rated finish not being available from Osmo UK, we managed to get a shipment across from Germany of the 3089 Hartwachs-Ol Anti-Rutsch Extra! This is a R11 finish and also based on natural oils (a la Polyx Oil). Unfortunately the paperwork that accompanies the product is only in German, but it is applied in the same way as the Polyx oil.