Where to use Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint from Auro is a really economical way of producing an off-white and highly breathable finish to walls and ceilings. However, there is a catch. Whilst being almost half the price of clay paint it does not have the vinegar esters of the clay. This effectively means that it will not have the binding characteristics of the clay. Whilst it will not rub off on clothing etc it will not have the inherent strength of clay paint.

However given that it is highly breathable and non-toxic it is ideal for areas where you get high humidity and low abrasion to the walls. Cellars, ceilings, store rooms etc are all ideal candidates for its application.

Like all natural paints, the chalk paint can be tinted using natural pigments (earthborn and Auro both do these). So you can have a brighter and more colourful finish if you so wish.

Note that, like claypaint, it does have a translucent quality when applied, but this will turn opaque on drying, so be aware that you do not need to ‘trowel’ it on to try to get an opaque look when you are actually painting. It is also thinner than a clay paint and so works more like a lime wash, so be prepared to apply 2 or possibly even 3 coats.

Auro Chalk Paint is available from the Eco Home Centre.