Ton Mawr – a new local lime render for SE Wales

A brand new lime render product is now available in South Wales from Welsh Lime Works and it is made from the limestone at Ton Mawr Quarry in Taffs Well.

Using limestone as a base aggregate for lime renders is really important as it takes the pressure off of the lime as a binder. It therefore lasts longer, is more breathable and now thanks to the use of a local resource it is now even lower in carbon.

The render has already been used in Cardiff and has gone on really well (thanks also to Welsh Lime Works pump application technique). The render has a red ochre colour to it, but can be finished in any colour with a limewash.

I thought that it was worth sharing the knowledge that there are some really good companies around who just cut through the obstacles and get on with it. So congrats to Welsh Lime Works for their willingness to make restoration of local solid walled homes even more sustainable.