Retrofit Guidance Tool – DECC Approved

The STBA have launched the brand new site Responsible Retrofit that can be found at This is the new home of the DECC funded Responsible Retrofit Knowledge Centre and Guidance Wheel.

This is the culmination of years of research from groups like English Heritage, Heritage Scotland, National Trust, CADW etc. However, don’t be fooled by this ‘heritage’ tag. What this research has been aimed at is the missing link between the mainstream construction industry and our conservation industry. So if you live in a pre 1919 building that is not listed / in a conservation area etc this is the site for you! This means that in Wales it is essential reading for the owners of around 35% of housing stock. Mind you, England isn’t too far behind and even Scotland and the North of Ireland have around 20-25% of their housing built prior to WW1.

The system works in a simple way. You let the system know what type of house you have and then what you are intending to do. It will then raise a series of RISKS. This is important as it is not definitive given that every house is different. So it can let you know whether what you are planning carries any major risks and also what other effects your planned work might have on other aspects of the house. As you might have gathered from reading this blog, one thing tends to effect another and this at least highlights the linkages.

Once you have looked at each measure it produces a report for you and also takes you to the knowledge centre where more information and links are given that direct you to research papers, case studies etc.

I sincerely hope that this resource will be the fundamental guidance tool for the refurbishment industry. So, have a look and get acquainted with the resources that it pulls together. It is worth noting that DECC funded this piece of work and so it does stand a chance of being something that the industry will have to comply to. Fingers crossed!