Refurbishing furniture Earthborn vs Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a well known and respected paint that is commonly used for creating new looks for old furniture. The ‘shabby chic’ has been very popular and Annie Sloan has been a major player in this market.

Now there is a new kid on the block! Earthborn, who produce a range of natural and breathable paints, have developed a new Furniture Wax to allow its Clay Paint to be a true competitor for Annie Sloan.

So effectively both systems are very similar where you apply the paint to the furniture (claypaint and chalk paint have great opacity and adhesion qualities) and then cover it with a wax. So which one to choose? Well there are a number of factors, but the main ones tend to be colour range and cost.

Colour Range:

Annie Sloan has a range of 32 colours. Earthborn Claypaint has a standard range of 60 (with another 120 in their Professional Range)

Cost: This is split into two, the wax and the paint.


Earthborn 400ml Furniture Wax (from us) is reduced at £13.99 – see

Annie Sloan Wax – £7.95 for 500ml

Chalk Paint vs Clay Paint:

100ml Chalk – £5.75

125ml Clay – £3.50 (from Eco Home Centre)

1l Chalk – £ 18.95

750ml Clay – £ 12.99 (from Eco Home Centre)

2.5l Clay – £ 28.99 (colours) or £26.99 for White

What you gain on the slides one can lose on the roundabouts!! If you want either lots of different colours or lots of paint then it looks as though Earthborn is your answer. If you are waxer and a minimal paint user, then Annie Sloan is your best bet. Let the battle commence!