Osmo White on White

Getting a lovely white finish to a floor can be a bit tricky and so here is a little tip that I gleamed from Osmo last week.

If you are wanting to get a ‘pure’ white finish on a floor it is better to use ‘White on White’ rather than ‘Clear on White’. What this means is that it is better to use a white base colour and then top it with a white tinted top coat. If you put a clear on a white base then it can turn it slightly yellowy due to the oils in the clear.

So the recommended type of formula would be:

Osmo 3111 White Wood Wax  – Base Coat

Osmo 3040 White Tinted Polyx Oil – Top Coat

Note that it would be one coat of each maximum!

This combination will produce a lovely clean white finish and also quite a whitened effect.