Old Paint Brush Revival

Got any solid brushes in the drawer that you are thinking of throwing out?

Many of us have a load of old paint brushes in the garage, cupboards, left in plastic bags etc. With all the best will in the world, we were going to clean them up properly, but we just forgot. Well all is not lost!

When it comes to paint brushesat the Eco Home Centre we have some great new brushes from EcoEzee, but we also have an even more sustainable product from EcoSolutions: Brush Renew

Basically this is a non toxic, non burning, water based product that will remove all the solid dried paint from your brushes overnight. Brilliant. Just leave the brushes in the solution overnight and then wash out in the morning. No nasty fumes, no worries about skin irritation etc, just perfectly clean and restored brushes.

So if you accidentally forget to give your brushes a very thorough clean after use then all is not lost.

Eco Solutions Brush Restorer
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