New washable Eco-paint – It’s Lush!

Earthborn have been busy. Thanks to a request from the Lush chain of shops, they pulls sleeves up, dug deep etc and have come up with a new washable eco-emulsion. Based on their excellent EcoPro range, the new formulation has a silk finish but maintains the coverted EcoLabel.

It is water based, with no oils or acrylics, breathable and free from
all harmful emissions and VOCs which means it is not only eco friendly
but also helps create a healthier, more comfortable living or working
environment. The new paint will be initially available in the Eco Pro colours, so some standard colours like Magnolia, Gardenia, Platinum etc. Despite being an industry flavoured range they are still great colours both for homeowners as well as landlords and tenants.

Eco Home Centre is retailing the new Mid-Sheen as well as the Eco Pro Range of paints, so visit our store to help yourself to a great new product at a permanently reduced price.