Loft insulation by grant aid

Having recently been in a few lofts I have noticed the activities of a few naughty people. So by sharing this knowledge I hope it will be of advantage to anyone looking to have their loft insulated through a grant scheme.

The grant schemes have been very popular and rightly so. They have their limitations (no insulation for sloping ceilings, flat roofs, solid walls etc) but nevertheless for many people they have been useful and successful. Some of the costs for the grant schemes have not all been favourable and certainly they have not taken into account anyone looking to use eco-friendly insulations or very breathable solutions. It does seem to have been mineral wool, mineral wool (some glass fibre) and some more mineral wool. Great if you are a manufacturer like Rockwool or Knauf, but not so good if you are a recycled paper, hemp or sheep’s wool insulation supplier or manufacturer.

The main point of this post though is to say to people PLEASE CHECK the work done. Two of the lofts I have been into have had the required level of insulation around the loft hatch (270-300mm – around about a foot), but this has tapered off the further you went away from the hatch. Perspective means that it can look OK, but closer inspection showed that the level at the edges / eaves was around 100mm rather than the 270/300mm prescribed.

It might be laziness, it might be greed, but whichever if you have paid for a job to be done, it is best to inspect it (or get a friend / family member to) as it might not be as good as it could be.