Green Electricity Price Freeze and Other Good News

Ecotricity Transformer

Just had an email through from Ecotricity (whom we use at home, both on our Dual Fuel, but also for the Feed In Tariff for our PV panels), that states:

1. Price Freeze until 2014. So they will be freezing their prices until the New Year

2. 100% Green Electricity tariff is now their only tariff

3. They will cost less than each of the Big Six standard regional tariffs

4. Green Gas will be guaranteed ‘Frack Free

So, with prices increasing for many people, it might be worth investigating a fully green option that may well be cheaper both for you and the planet.

Another option for those in Wales is that DTA (Wales) have negotiated a deal with the big energy boys to reduce costs by a mutual buying arrangement in partnership with The People’s Power CIC. So if you are more worried about cheaper prices rather than a green tariff then check out

As winter approaches it is important that we take control over our use of energy and these are two really great ways forward.