From grey wood to great wood

From Waltons Shed blog – thanks

It is at this time of year that we are out enjoying our gardens, but many of us are sitting on tired looking furniture. UV light degrades wood slowly but surely and as part of this process it creates greyed surfaces on our tables, chairs etc.

Getting the furniture back to looking great can be important, both for looks and for its longevity. However many of these types of products are not very eco-friendly as they tend to use acids to strip back the top layer of the wood to reveal the less effected wood underneath – therefore refreshing the look.

Osmo PowerGel is one product though that is eco-friendly (it uses oxalic acid that is found in rhubarb leaves). This is a fully biodegradable product and has also been designed to be easy and safe to use. A video from Osmo can be found here showing the Powergel in full flow!

Eco Home Centre sells the Powergel and also the various Osmo wood oils that are suitable for furniture. This range of products will help keep the furniture looking great but also has the great advantage that when reapplying the oils in future years you don’t need to sand the surface back. Osmo works with the wood rather than sitting on top like lacquers and varnishes. This makes it much easier to live with and so will help reduce maintenance of your now great looking garden furniture!