Fitting Lindab Guttering when tight to the tiles

Lindab is a great product. The fittings are designed to be easy to fit, but one issue has been pointed out to me that is of importance, but also that is easily solved.

A comment came to me from Edward this week, namely:

In order to use the standard fascia bracket (KFK)
you really need to be able to snap the guttering in at the back. If the
existing roof overhangs the fascia this may be impossible. When you are
on a ladder it is difficult to get the gutter to snap in at the front
due to the strong rolled edge. In this situation, even if your fascia is
vertical, you need the adjustable fascia bracket (SSK) because the
guttering can be placed into it underneath the existing roof and the
bracket has a snap-on front clip. Not all of the suppliers stock both
kinds, and the Lindab literature does not seem to explain the problem!

Thankfully Eco Home Centre can supply both the KFK and the SSK bracket. In fact in an earlier post we recommended using a 50:50 split of KFK and SSK brackets in order to keep the guttering square. The SSK is the adjustable version and so can take any inaccuracies out of a fascia. The difference in clip though between the two also has an advantage where the fitting is tight. So remember to order SSK’s as well as KFKs

KFK Bracket
SSK Bracket