Eco Paint Chooser

Paint seems like such a simple product. Just some colour for your home surely? Not at all!

  • Paint can ruin your building projects if you get it wrong. 
  • It can cause damp where damp never was before. 
  • It can cost you an arm and a leg if you get it specified incorrectly.

As you might be starting to gather, getting the right paint is really important. As you might have read already in this blog, breathability of materials is key to the success of refurbishment of older buildings. Well modern conventional paints are not breathable, hence the link to damp and also to the fact that in many situations conventional paint will just blister, bubble and fall off of walls.

So getting the right specification of paint is really important. However, the eco-paints are products of their ingredients and so their character changes depending on the manufacturer and type of paint. Some paints are great for hallways, others for bedrooms, some will go over metal, others needs to be applied to bare wood to function correctly. This is where the new Eco Paint Chooser comes in.

Have a look at: to find out what sort of paint best suits your particular situation, sensibilities and needs.