Eco Home Centre community work

Some of the more observant of you might have seen that we are a not for profit and that we aim to assist groups and people in Wales to make their buildings more sustainable. Well I thought that it might be time to shout about who we have been assisting.

Over the last couple of years we have been working with Renew Wales and with others to help reduce the issues associated with climate change. To this end we have been involved with 40 groups. Some of the more interesting ones have been:

Egni Community Energy Co-operative. Egni was the RenewablesUK Cymru Energy Startup Winner. RDE (in partnership with Greenfeet Energy Assessors) provided the group with the EPCs required for the community buildings where the PV arrays are housed.

Cathays Community Centre. Now proud possessors of a 5.25kW solar array and a new reception area, thanks in part to the support and overview of RDE.

Chapter Arts Centre also now have a 15kW solar array that is busy keeping their overheads down as well. This was organised through the proactive Chapter Community Garden Group with the assistance of RDE.

Cathays Liberal Club (soon to be re-branded as Cathays Sports and Social Club) has been assisted by RDE with applications for a new PV system. They have also run an International work camp in association with UNAExchange. A refit is also planned using re-used furniture from local charities.

Cardiff Community Energy is off of the ground and has received support from Sharenergy to kickstart a new wave of community energy projects in the city.

Rhiwbina community is now well on its way to creating a new Incredible Edible project to bring a new edge to the garden suburb.

We have also provided indepth reports for community groups on their buildings across Wales from Fishguard in the west to Harlech and Wrexham in the north and all around the SE Wales Valleys. We have helped community swimming pools, arts centres, community cinemas, as well as more run of the mill community centres. 

This work is partially made possible by people buying goods from us through the E shop at or by coming through our door in Cardiff to purchase our excellent and permentally reduced Eco paints and finishes. So please help us to continue helping others by using our shop.