Eco fans

Not you, although one assumes that you are an Eco Fan of sorts!

Eco Fans are little stirling engines that sit atop of ones stove (wood burning, gas etc, as long as it has a flat and level surface) and help circulate the hot air from around the stove into the room. Amazing little things that are driven by heat. So no power to them, they just get to an appropriate temperature and start to waft away.

They are brilliant at getting heat from behind stoves and into the room. The hot air therefore does not travel just upwards to the ceiling it is slowly pushed into the room at a much lower level – ideal if you have an older high ceilinged house.

I have had one in my front room for a couple of years and been very impressed with it, especially since our wood burner is set back into the hearth and so tends to heat up the register plate quite well and hence we lose more of the heat to the chimney and the neighbours.

I know that PowRed in Cowbridge Road has a special offer on at the moment, so where they were once £120, I think that they are about £90 now.