Draught proof letter box solutions

Many of us have draughty houses and one source of these draughts is our letter box. Having been leafleting around Cardiff recently it is amazing what bad shape our letter boxes are in. Some are inoperable, others are missing or severely broken, some have bristles in a variety of conditions. So is there a way of making them work and still be permanently draught proof? Well I think that there are two main options.

Firstly, Ecoflap have a retro-fit system that still allows post through easily whilst maintaining a draught proof finish when not in use. So if you have an existing draughty letter box then this might be just the ticket. Available in white, brown and black from Eco Home Centre.

Ecoflap have a retrofit draught proof system

Secondly, there is the option of not having a letter box in your door. This is the system that we recently employed at home. With new doors going on we didn’t want to spoil them by putting a hole in them, so we plumped for an external letter box. This has worked well to date.

External letter box saves making a letter box in the door