DIY Gift Idea

Many of us are DIY’ers. Some are keen, some less so. For some people the idea of a hammer drill as a gift can be inticing: as it may just encourage the loved one to get out of the chair and put the shelves up that have been in the packaging for the past 8 months. This tactic will no doubt have some successes, but others will be doomed to failure, especially if the shelves end up wonky. The cost and effort of getting the drill suddenly seem like a bit of a waste of resources. Let alone the arguments, dust, bleeding knuckles etc.

So is there a more subtle way of getting some jobs done around the house where the products bought are less likely to go to waste? Well, I have been thinking about this and I reckon that you cannot go far wrong with some good quality paint brushes.

Most people are prepared to have a go at painting. The idea of paying for a decorator for smaller painting jobs (say one room) does not sit well with many people. An ‘I can do that’ mentality comes to the fore and before you know it the paint brushes are being sought in the shed / garage etc. This search, though, often just turns up some old, tired and matted brushes in a forgotten drawer*. What then? Well it generally means a trip to the local DIY store for some of their cheapest brushes and rollers. This in turn leads to the frustration of hairs in the paint work, poor quality finishes and a lack of willingness to do any more painting for at least another year.

So how about this for an idea for the reluctant DIY’er in your life.

A set of quality paint brushes that are great to use, give an excellent finish, look marvellous and also have the bonus of being very eco-friendly. Not only that, they also contribute some of the price to rainforest protection projects. This is why we stock the brilliant Eco Ezee range of brushes.

Sceptical? Well, as a little true story to back this up I had a complaint once about our excellent Auro paint. Apparently it would not go on properly. Fearing the worse I went to see the job and found the builder using his tried and trusted paint brush to apply it. To be generous, lets say that it was ‘in a poor state’. I had anticipated this as a problem and presented him with one of the Eco Ezee brushes and told him to try again. A little while later I had a text stating ‘I am in love with a brush’!! With the right tools, anything is possible!

If you have a keen DIY’er in your life (lucky you) then they always appreciate good
quality goods that will help them make an expert job of the whole
project. These brushes are comparible to the professional ranges, but are cheaper (and have all the benefits listed above to boot!) What’s not to like?

*Just so that you know we also have a great Brush Restore product from Eco Solutions that will return all those old brushes in the forgotten drawer back to a usable state. You can then use these cheap old brushes for any less important painting tasks like treating fence panels etc.