Concrete blocks full of water

I hope that you can see from this photo that in the corner of the wall there is a dark rectangular patch. Under here is where an old doorway was blocked up using concrete blocks. The first coat of lime render is finding it hard to dry in this area and another similar one. Where it is on bricks and stone the render is rock hard and curing, but it is amazing how much water is being retained by the blocks.

The lime render will of course allow this area to dry out fully in time, but for the time being it is holding up work a tad as the amount of water that needs to be removed is astonishing.

Part of this problem is that since the first lime renderers walked off site it has been raining quite a lot and hence the blocks became sodden. One of those issues that you cannot really foresee, but it does mean that I am even more annoyed with that original company. Very irresponsible and unprofessional.

This acts as a warning to others that if you are lime rendering concrete blocks make sure that you do not wet them too much. It also highlights that when people cement render over these blocks that, if they are wet, they will trap a heck of a lot of moisture in the structure for a long time.

The house is coming along, the base coat is on all over as can be seen in the following shot: