A compostable paint tray? A way of rejuvenating dried up paint brushes?

Eco DIY is expanding the boundaries of influence. Where once we were limited to high quality paints, we now have a growing range of other accessories to assist the Eco minded family.

Eco Solutions is a UK company making a wide range of ‘removers’. Few things seem immune, their range includes:





Nail varnish


General dirt from hands

All of these are designed with ‘science not solvents’, so we are really unsure about how they work, but we have tried out the paint, graffiti, artex and general dirt products and all work really well. No nasty fumes, no need for a load of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and things like the Graffiti Remover can be used by children / young people, so it is ideal for schools / youth clubs to get any known perpetrators to actually clean their work off again (if inappropriate to the wall of course).

Compostable paint trays are also new. Made from recycled paper they are ideal for using with natural paints because, if you are a person who doesn’t like the cleaning associated with painting, you can compost the trays after three uses with the natural paint dried up in the bottom of it.

Paint brushes are now available with a host of eco credentials. Bamboo handles, recycled steel ferrules, natural bristles combined with recycled filaments.

There are also rollers and trays made out of recycled plastics.

Fillers are also available made from talc and lime so that they are breathable, easy to use and sand and give an excellent finish. Auro have an internal talc based powder filler, whilst earthborn have a ‘white cement’ filler that is suitable for both inside and out.

So high quality products to complement high quality natural paints are here!