Claypaint prices to rise

Hopefully you will all be aware of the particularly good quality claypaint that is available from earthborn (via the Eco Home Centre E-Shop of course!). We have just had the heads up from earthborn that the prices will be increasing in February. At present we sell the white at £39.99, but RRP will be £47.87 from Feb. We shall continue to give our permanent discount of around 10%, but even so this will mean a price rise of around £3 per 5l, so around a 10% price rise.

The increases will be across the Earthborn range, so including their emulsions, pigments and masonry paints, so if you are planning some decoration over the coming months, it would be a good idea to get your paint ready now and save yourself 10%.

Note that Auro are also changing prices soon, but this might mean some reductions in price for some products, whilst others increase slightly. The price of orange oil has dropped from last year and this is one of their key ingredients that dictates production costs.