Can I refurbish old paint brushes?

Many people have a stack of old dried up paintbrushes stuck in assorted drawers, jars and cupboards. These are generally only found when the next decorating job comes around. These rock hard brushes are then discarded and the process started again. This means of course lots of waste, expense and a reliance on cheap brushes that shed their bristles in your lovely new paintwork.

So is there an answer to this perennial problem?

Eco Solutions make a Brush Restorer. Basically it is a clever way of removing paint from old brushes overnight. Just leave the hardened brushes in the solution and then once it has softened the old paint you can wash it all out to make your brushes (almost) as good as new.

By having a system of being able to clean brushes, even if you do accidentally forget to clean them every now and then, it allows you to buy some better quality paintbrushes that will not shed their bristles with the same generosity as the cheaper brushes and also provide you with a better quality finish to your handiwork.