Can I get graffiti off of my walls safely?

This may or may not be topical what with the troubles affecting the UK at the moment.

Graffiti can blight neighbourhoods with offensive words, images and negativity and so its removal is important for social cohesion as it can diminish atmospheres of fear and mistrust. Having said that it does have its place in the social fabric when it is done in artistic and peaceful contexts. We would not have a Banksy without the media after all.

So if looking to remove graffiti one would assume that it would require some fairly corrosive and chemically non environmentally friendly potion. In the mainstream this is in fact the case. Professional cleaners (with all the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment – PPE) might come in and clean up unwanted marks, but this is an expensive way of doing things and can take weeks / months for it to happen. So what we need is a solution that individuals / groups can have access to that will allow the community to clean itself up.

Thankfully Eco Solutions have a product called Graffiti Go! This is a simple to use spray that allows ordinary people to roll up their sleeves and clean up walls, windows, wood etc from graffiti without the need for all the PPE that the professionals use. Graffiti Go! is safe to use and is also environmentally sensitive. So it is safe around schools, youth clubs etc and can even be used by the perpetrators to clean up their own mess!

Note that it will remove all paint, So if there is graffiti on a painted surface then all the paint will come off, not just the graffiti.

Graffiti Go! is used by lots of Graffiti Buster teams across the UK because of its safety features and its effectiveness.