Can I get exterior wood looking like new again?

Wood is affected by weathering and UV light. What starts off as a beautiful rich and vivid colour can soon start to grey and lose its initial attractiveness. Some woods can benefit from this as they turn lovely silver hues, however most go dull and look tired.

Furniture, decking, panelling, fencing and wooden pillars all suffer from this unless they have been pre-treated with a UV protector, or an oil with some colourants in. Even then they can start to lose their sheen after a few years unless one is really diligent with the topping up of wood oils.

The best way of restoring the colour and vibrancy to old dulled wood is to use Oxalic Acid. This is a natural product that is found in rhubarb and other plants like sorrell. It is much stronger than acetic acid (3000 times so) and hence is used for cleaning and renewing surfaces.

Osmo’s Wood Reviver is effectively an Oxalic Acid solution that is designed to be used easily with wood. By brushing on, leaving and then brushing off again it will clean up your wood and leave it looking as good as new. Once cleaned we would recommend other Osmo products depending on the use of the timber that has been cleaned and refreshed.