CADW’s Heritage Cottage

This is great find for Wales – an almost untouched period terrace from 1854. CADW have purchased the house and are doing a lot of research on the property that will help inform how we should all look after our terraces in Wales.

CADW are looking at how the house functions now and then investigating how to make it more sustainable for the future. So things like insulation, glazing, draught proofing, damp, low energy heating and lighting etc.

The great thing is that the figures that they will be using will be the correct one! It is not being assessed by the blunt instruments like EPCs, they are taking real readings like in-situ U values, thermagraphic images etc. The lessons that will be learnt from this will be really important as they could and should inform us all about what interventions are better for this type of solid stone walled house in the climate / weather that Wales enjoys.

As a starter for ten CADW have produced a short You Tube video about the project. Well worth a few minutes of your time if you own a Welsh terrace!