Bathroom radiators and dual fuels

Many of us have towel radiators in our bathrooms – they are ideal for drying towels, bathrobes and the occasional piece of washing when it is raining outside. Marvellous.

But what about summer? I know it seems strange to think that it can be cool and damp in a Welsh summer, but having been here for 20 years now there has been the odd occasion. So what happens to the the towels then? Using a damp towel is not the nicest thing after a hot bath or shower, but of course the towel radiator is not working.

This is where dual fuel radiators come into their own. Having a radiator that also has an electrical heating element to create a good drying space is a great addition for those rare days when using the washing line is out of the question or where you just want a warm robe to get into.

As an Eco DIY blog I should be saying that you just grin and bear it (and this is of course true), but there are those people who want their luxuries, have their PV panels etc and this is a way of ensuring that you can have another little treat.

So if you are renovating your bathroom / heating system / rewiring etc then it is worth bearing in mind the option of putting another circuit to the bathroom to facilitate a dual fuel radiator.