ACE Solar Panels – FREE electric (when the sun shines!)

Ely and Caerau are wards in Cardiff and are part of the Welsh Government’s Communities First scheme. They have been working hard to make the project sustainable in the longer term and part of this drive has been to create ACE (Action for Caerau and Ely). FuturespACE is a new venture looking to install solar PV panels on people’s homes in Ely and Caerau initially, but it will be extended across Cardiff.

So if you (and preferably a few close neighbours) have a south facing aspect to your roof and want to take advantage of some free electric when the sun shines for no capital cost to yourself it is worth contacting ACE to see if you can get involved.

Note that in order to get the most out of  the PV panels (which will on average generate around 2kW – enough to power a kettle) you will need to be using the electricity when the sun is shining around midday. So this explains why we have timers on washing machines / driers / bread makers etc. Set electrical tasks to be done during the middle of the day and you will get the most value for money out of the panels / ACE project.

Contact details for ACE are (029) 20873664 or