Tracking down lime sources

A limestone quarry

What a palaver! Being a bit of a fuss pot over lime I wanted to check the lime credentials of the lime putty that is being ordered for my render. I seem to have been around the proverbial mulberry bush, but at last I feel at ease with the source that shall adorn my walls.

The lime putty that shall be used will have come from Cheddar (an Oolitic Limestone) as a Quicklime and then slaked in Brecon (at Ty Mawr Lime), left for a minimum of three months and then mixed with an aggregate including limestone from the Cotswolds.

I feel it is really important to know the source of lime as some limes are made from chalk. I think that an external render needs to be made from a limestone base rather than a chalk one. Ultimately it will be harder and more durable. Chalk derived products are fine for internal applications, but I am not so convinced with being exposed to the winds and rains that we can get (only occasionally mind) in Cardiff.

The limewash will also be a limestone based product as well.