Whole House Assessment and Improvement Reports

The Eco Home Centre provides an individual bespoke service to people in the South Wales region where we spend a bit of quality time with them talking through their projects. This involves a good look around the property and an in-depth chat about the needs and aspirations of the family. This normally takes between 3 and 4 hours. We then write up a report about our findings and discussions so that you have a considered response to your plans.

Our reports are based around sustainability, so that ‘holy grail’ of acceptability between social, economic and environmental factors. We balance our recommendations around the decade or so of experience of assisting people with designs, materials and knowledge of the building industry. The reports generally run into 6-8 pages of observations and recommendations that have proved to be invaluable to the recipients. We know that we have stopped many homes from having inappropriate work done to them and hence saved many thousands of pounds for our clients.

We often find that our reports pick up on a lot of detail that has been missed by surveyors, architects and builders (which frankly is a worry!) so we feel that this is a very valuable element of any planned refurbishment or build.

We also provide a similar service for community groups so that they can plan their improvements with a degree of confidence for the long term.

For more details on booking a Home Report please contact Peter on (029) 20373094 or email him on peter@rounded-developments.org.uk 

Costs are £300 for SE Wales and currently £250 for Cardiff visits.

Comments from customers include:

“it was so lovely to meet you at last and we enjoyed your company a lot!…We
started using much less water for showers and wet cement smell stopped….. This shows you are a real house problem detective, a very good one.” Ms EB in London

“Thank you very much for this! It makes very interesting reading. I’ll
digest it over the next few days and come back to you if I have more
questions.” Ms SP in Cardiff

“Thank-you very much for your visit. It was very informative and you
provided some very useful advice for both long-term and the short-term.
Our house is a long-term project but I will certainly look into
introducing some of your ‘quick-fix’ solutions to help minimise the damp
and insulation issues we have with the older part of the house before
we are in a position to build the extension and introduce the more major
improvements to the building’s insulation and heating. Thank you again” Mrs LJ in SE Wales

“Thanks again, your report is just what we needed to get focussed and prioritised for “phase 2”.” Mr PA in Snowdonia

you very much for making the time to visit Llandogo and for sending the
report, which is most helpful. I’m making a start on the easy fixes
(insulation and draught-proofing) and looking in more detail at the
biomass and solar thermal options.” Ms GB in Monmouthshire

“Once again, many thanks for the info. You really give a most comprehensive service.” Mrs MR in Swansea