Important E-Petition

HM Government

There is a very worthwhile petition that has been prepared by the Heritage Skills Hub in the UK. It is summarised as:

Keep traditional skills alive! Construction, repair & retrofit of heritage buildings, must be integrated into craft & professional construction courses

This sentiment backs up the STBA position of trying to ensure that our older buildings are not subjected to inappropriate treatment by the mainstream construction industry. It is worth remembering that standard courses for virtually all construction trades and professions in the UK do not study pre 1919 buildings in depth (if at all) and so they have no understanding of how they differ from your conventional modern building.

So if you want to have easy access to trades people who understand your house we need to start somewhere. The alternative is to have inappropriate work done on our homes that will just eat up more carbon, money and effort for years to come. Let’s have a system where we do the right things once rather than the wrong things again and again.

The petition can be found at